Achieve the Healthiest Results for Your Lawn

It’s really simple. Your lawn needs 2 things:

Proper nutrition & protection against threats.

Here’s the catch:

You have to have a proper plan in place that gives your lawn abundant nutrition through summer as well as prepares & protects for dormancy in the winter.

Here is what our 6 visit plan for the ultimate health, success, and green results includes:


Slow-release granular fertilizer which encourages the growth and activity of the lawn’s roots. This takes place right after the thaw to encourage growth as quickly as possible, giving grass and desirable plants a head-start over weeds. The slow-release fertilizer ensures continual disbursement of essential nutrients over an extended period of time.


Both a granular fertilizer and custom liquid fertilizer are applied to the lawn, with nutrients appropriate for the time of year. A weed control pre-emergent is applied that stops crabgrass seeds from germinating and infesting the lawn.


Appropriate granular fertilizer helps prepare the plants for the stress of the hot months ahead. If any weeds have survived the pre-emergent, they are spot-sprayed and eliminated.


Appropriate fertilizer encourages the uptake of nutrients during the hottest months of the year. Weeds are spot sprayed. A post-emergent weed control product is applied.


A critical application of fertilizer ensures optimum growth as the weather cools and the lawn begins its second growth stage. Deep root growth helps the grass to absorb nutrients better, promoting strength against disease. Liquid weed control combats broadleaf weeds and prevents dandelions from emerging the following spring.


A slow-release fertilizer gives the dormant lawn the nutrition it needs through the summer months, ensuring its health and strength for when it emerges once again in the spring.

This plan will keep your lawn healthy the whole year through.

That’s not all…

Sometimes your lawn needs more help to stay healthy. We have several solutions that will get to the root of your lawn issue and bring it back to green.

Core Aeration

As rain falls and/or people walk on the lawn, the soil becomes compacted. This halts the flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients to the roots of the turf, ruining its health. We use a specialized machine to pull plugs of soil out of the ground, allowing for de-compaction and the return of the proper flow of nutrients. Overseeding is generally recommended with Core Aeration, as it provides the perfect environment for seedlings to develop.

Lawn Seeding

We identify the type of turf you have on your lawn and seed it appropriately in order to fill in any bare or unhealthy areas, giving your lawn the lush, full look that it should have.

Fungicide Treatments

If you notice white or red threads, circular mushroom patterns, or a slimy-looking areas on your lawn, your lawn may be diseased. Common lawn diseases are red thread, dollar spot, and fairy ring, but there are many more. We expertly identify if your lawn is diseased, and what the appropriate action is. We then rid your lawn of the disease and bring it back to perfect health.

Lawn Rolling

Moles do their fair share of damage to your lawn by tunneling through it. You’ll be able to feel these tunnels when you run over bumps while mowing your lawn. Our Lawn Rolling Service flattens out those (and any other) bumps and gets your lawn looking and feeling like it should.

Ready to get started now? Great!