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Our Pest Services to give you and your family the ability to enjoy your outdoor spaces in comfort.

Surface Insect Control

Some insects like chinch bugs, sod webworms, or billbugs will infest your lawn and damage its surface. Our experience and knowledge allows us to identify what type of insect has invaded your lawn and use the proper application that will efficiently reduce and control the population, keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy.

Grub Control

Grubs are the white, C-shaped larval form of different types of beetles. A grub infestation is hard to spot initially because they feed on the roots of the turf and leave the dead grass on top of the soil, which makes it appear as if nothing is wrong. We will visit spring through fall with a specialized treatment for grubs, removing infestation and keeping your lawn grub-free for the

Mole Baiting

Moles have an incredibly high metabolism, giving them an insatiable appetite and incredible energy. They can eat their body weight in a single day! The by-product of this high energy is a series of tunnel systems in your lawn, which negatively affect its health and beauty. Our 3-Step Mole Baiting process ensures that your lawn is kept free from these damaging animals. Lawn Rolling is recommended when mole presence has been confirmed.

Perimeter Pest Control

Our Perimeter Pest Control Program keeps unwanted pests from intruding on your living space. We thoroughly inspect your home for any possible area where a pest could get in, like windows, doorways, or even cracks in the mortar. Then we lay down a safe, invisible 3-foot protective barrier around your house that keeps it sealed off from pests.

Lawn Rolling

Moles do their fair share of damage to your lawn by tunneling through it. You’ll be able to feel these tunnels when you run over bumps while mowing your lawn. Our Lawn Rolling Service flattens out those (and any other) bumps and gets your lawn looking and feeling like it should.

Mosquito Control

A surefire way to kill the mood at any outdoor event you’re hosting, mosquitoes can ruin your outdoors time. Adding the fact that they are known disease carriers, there’s no good reason to allow them on your lawn. Keep your family protected with our Mosquito Control Program.

We lay down a mosquito-eliminating spray, paying specific attention to those places mosquitoes love to breed – like standing pools of water and shaded areas. Starting around Memorial Day, we visit (on average) four times during the season to ensure that your property remains mosquito-free. You can truly enjoy your outdoor time safely and unbothered.

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